Strong Earthquakes Today

Here are all of the earthquakes from the last 24 hours that were rated magnitude 5 and stronger.

[google map] 2014-08-24T23:21:45+00:00 43km ENE of Tambo, Peru 6.9 magnitude 101 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-23T22:32:23+00:00 18km WNW of Hacienda La Calera, Chile 6.4 magnitude 35 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-24T10:20:44+00:00 6km NW of American Canyon, California 6 magnitude 11.3 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-21T02:11:32+00:00 67km ENE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 5.8 magnitude 12.34 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-20T10:14:15+00:00 50km E of Dehloran, Iran 5.7 magnitude 10 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-26T01:26:08+00:00 116km SSE of Akureyri, Iceland 5.7 magnitude 5 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-25T14:31:36+00:00 70km NW of Camana, Peru 5.7 magnitude 59.13 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-23T04:45:33+00:00 108km E of Iquique, Chile 5.7 magnitude 97.81 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-26T09:30:12+00:00 102km NE of Hihifo, Tonga 5.6 magnitude 10 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-27T02:50:39+00:00 100km WNW of Hofn, Iceland 5.6 magnitude 5 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-22T14:29:50+00:00 31km NW of Lae, Papua New Guinea 5.5 magnitude 10.07 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-27T04:48:59+00:00 150km SSE of Shizunai, Japan 5.4 magnitude 28.29 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-23T20:05:17+00:00 47km SE of Abdanan, Iran 5.4 magnitude 10.25 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-22T20:06:05+00:00 19km ENE of Mandali, Iraq 5.4 magnitude 19.21 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-24T20:21:29+00:00 168km NNW of Visokoi Island, 5.4 magnitude 49.33 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-20T20:12:37+00:00 40km WNW of Buldir Island, Alaska 5.4 magnitude 4.28 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-20T19:38:24+00:00 154km S of Oyama, Japan 5.3 magnitude 306.46 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-24T20:39:13+00:00 108km WNW of Hofn, Iceland 5.3 magnitude 6.01 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-24T00:09:53+00:00 113km WNW of Hofn, Iceland 5.3 magnitude 5.41 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-24T02:44:51+00:00 52km NW of Shush, Iran 5.2 magnitude 10 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-24T19:43:31+00:00 5km ENE of Aglasun, Turkey 5.2 magnitude 10 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-27T00:16:30+00:00 111km WNW of Hofn, Iceland 5.2 magnitude 8.09 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-20T23:18:20+00:00 East of the South Sandwich Islands 5.1 magnitude 10 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-22T17:39:26+00:00 162km SW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 5.1 magnitude 50.6 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-22T04:27:54+00:00 13km SSW of Polikhronon, Greece 5.1 magnitude 10 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-25T01:42:42+00:00 97km NNW of Visokoi Island, 5 magnitude 103.8 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-21T09:01:00+00:00 149km NE of Neiafu, Tonga 5 magnitude 10 km depth [usgs]
[google map] 2014-08-20T20:21:49+00:00 38km W of Buldir Island, Alaska 5 magnitude 10 km depth [usgs]

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